8 Myths About the Case of Texas Hair Stylist Shelley Luther

Myth #1: The judge who ruled against Shelley Luther was appointed by Barack Obama.

Myth #2: This is a Democrat/Republican issue and Shelley Luther was arrested for defying orders issued by liberal Dallas officials.

Myth #3: Greg Abbott freed Shelley Luther.

Myth #4: Shelley Luther was jailed because she wouldn’t apologize for keeping her salon open.

Myth #5: The Texas governor could have pardoned Shelley Luther or commuted her sentence.

Myth #6: The Texas Supreme Court overturned the judgment against Shelley Luther.

Myth #7: There is no legal basis for the public health orders that Shelley Luther defied.

Myth #8: Shelley Luther was an impoverished mother just trying to feed her family.



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